Session 19

Social Surveys and Opinion Polls
Cătălin Stoica (researcher, PhD, Centre for Urban and Regional Sociology – CURS, Bucharest)


Cătălin Stoica, Centre for Urban and Regional Sociology – CURS, Bucharest

Mircea Comşa: Reducerea supra-raportării votului în anchetele de opinie. Rezultatele unui experiment metodologic.
Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, “Babeş-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca

Camil Postelnicu: Măsurarea efectului de dezirabilitate socială în cazul prezenţei declarate la vot prin tehnica “list experiment design”
Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, “Babeş-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca

Septimiu Suciu: Metode moderne de culegere a datelor in anchetele sociale, schimbari metodologice si practice aparute odata cu implementarea metodei CAPI
Metro Media Transilvania, Cluj-Napoca


This session is dedicated to social surveys and public opinion polls. In Romania (among other countries) public opinion polls are the most visible part of sociologists’ work. For reasons that will be discussed in this session, public opinion polls are widely criticized by media analysts and politicians (especially those that are doing poorly in opinion polls). This session invites papers on social surveys and opinion polls on topics such as: 1) recent developments in sampling methodology; 2) advantages and disadvantages of CATI and PAPI (in Romania but not only); 3) non-responses in social surveys; 4) survey questions methodology; 5) exit polls; 6) the presentation of opinion polls in the media; 7) research ethics. This list of possible topics is by no means exhaustive. Ideally, most papers should have a strong empirical component; case studies from other Central and East European countries are welcome.

An additional goal of this session is to gather ideas, synthesize, and translate them into a set of best practices in public opinion polling in Romania. We intend to present this set of best practices and recommendations to the Scientific Council of SSR with the hope that they will be adopted by SSR and its members.

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