Session 11

Living Citizenship: Immigration, Transnational Ties, and States in the Enlarged Europe


Irina Culic, PhD.
“Babes-Bolyai” Univ. Cluj-Napoca
E-mail: irinaculic[at]


Remus Anghel, PhD
Researcher, ISPMN
E-mail: remusgabriel[at]


Magdalena Lesinska (Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw):
National Citizenship as the Mechanism of Political Inclusion in contemporary Europe

Neda Deneva (Central European University, Budapest):
Practicing Citizenship: Bulgarian Muslim Labour Migrants and the State/s

Irina Ciornei (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona):
EU citizenship, political incorporation and transnational ties. A case-study of the Romanian migrants in Spain

Ionela Vlase (Universitatea din Bucureşti):
Return Migration from Italy to Romania: Context, Motivation, Challenges


Migration and belonging are mutually constitutive processes rescaling across national borders in an increasingly globalized world. This session discusses research investigating the continuous shift in immigration and citizenship policies, and the way migrants react to them through their practices. The two waves of European Union Enlargement in 2004 and 2007 represent turning points in how citizenship is experienced by East European migrants at home and abroad. Based on rich empirical cases, the studies in this session illuminate the strategies of both states and immigrants in enacting multiple citizenships, while critically approaching concepts developed to understand the complex reality of the new social spaces and practices thus produced.

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